May I Have This Dance?

“Words that mean a lot to all girls
of all ages, are touched
honored, rejected or ignored
some cherish them
sometimes a magical start
a few lust or horror stories
these few words can make a night endless
when the slow song starts to play
guys eyes start to glare
a search for that special one
the nervous rattled, the mind battles
where’s that special angel
across the room, down the hall
she is there in the waiting
find her and make the stroll
she may have been waiting for your move
there all alone the angel and the smile
the twinkle in her eyes
the racing of your heartbeat
that special song, could be your song
extend your arm and politely ask
May I have this dance with you
it will open a lot of doors
no matter if she accepts or denies
your courage has a merged
as she accepts, with her hand extend
bow to her as she was a princess and you a knight
a nice thank you and the dance begins
and may your dream come alive
may this dance be the first and the one to last
the angel for you to hold and to love
may the song and dance never end
her hand in yours and your arm around her waist
may you waltz to a new dawn
as the magic of romance soars
the beauty of seeing you both smiling
a soft whisper and a gentle kiss
the world is spinning
the fireworks exploding
how we all wish for this dance
once in our lives
May I have this dance, My Lady”      

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