Dinner and some light leaks


I found this restaurant at Shijo Kawaramachi while I was trying to find my way back to my hotel. With a one day bus pass I thought it was rather too early in the pm to call it a day, so I did a little bit of sightseeing after dinner. Dinner was scrumptious by the way. :D. So delicious I forgot how I got there (not kidding) and had to resort to asking for directions back to Kyoto station. :). One thing I noticed about the Japanese is the fact that they are always willing to go a mile literally to help you. After taking wrong turns and walking right into cul-de-sacs, finally I was rescued 15 mins later by a kind gentleman; he walked with me to where I could get a direct bus, waited till the right bus came along and I got on before he left. Talk about a damsel in distress πŸ˜€

Light leaks are pretty cool!


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