Itsukushima Shrine at low tide








img909or so it appears but I had little time to spare on the island since it was the last ferry ride for the day and I had no plans to spend the night in Miyajima. It was quite foggy when we got there –  unfortunately I ruined a roll of 35mm film which had photos of right from when we boarded the ferry to when we disembarked so this  is all I have of my trip to Miyajima. It was quite a beautiful sight thanks to the fog which I wasn’t  expecting. This will be the last UNESCO  World heritage sites photos I will be sharing of this beautiful country before I switch back to the streets 😀

The first photo is of the torii gate which at low tide, the bottom of the sea is exposed past the torii. At high tide, the sea covers all the previously exposed mud and fills areas underneath the shrine and it gives  the illusion of floating on water. The 5 storey pagoda can be seen from a distance in the sixth photo

All images were made with my hasselblad and kodak ektar 100.


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