where do merry hearts go?

my trip to turkey, simply put, was one of those few things I do on a whim. Usually before I set off to a new and unfamiliar place, I do a perfunctory “research” and then off I go.
this time around I randomly selected Turkey and it turned out to be one of my most memorable trips so far. My posts will be more about turkey and most of the places I visited. I met and made a good number of friends – shared stories and toured the city together. Suffice it to say, I fell in love with this country; i felt at home 😀
i stayed at this hostel in Kadikoy ( the Asian side of Istanbul) which suited me fine because the area is not swamped with tourists and has a laid back vibe to it, although at night it’s a different thing all together 😀
every other day I would catch a ferry to the European side (takes only 15mins plus the view is amazing) or at sunset I would go on a bosphorous ride to take in the beautiful scenery. I didn’t get to see as many places as I would have loved to partly because I spent the better half of my day sleeping/or just chilling.
on a side note, I would like to recommend this hostel to any tourist who wishes to visit Turkey in the nearest future. I definitely made the right choice by staying there because of the easy access to virtually all parts of Istanbul. All it takes it takes is just a short minute walk through the fish restaurant and attractive shops on the way to the ferry terminal. I would not recommend taking a taxi to the European side or anywhere for that matter due to the traffic during the day.

the photos below were taken from my window..

happy viewing and thanks for stopping by 😀





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